8 risks of texting and driving.

U driving? No txting. When you’re behind the wheel, glancing at a text from your friend or sending off a quick reply can seem harmless. But taking your eyes away from the road — even for an instant — can be deadly. Need additional convincing to keep your phone down and your hands on the wheel? See the eight top risks of texting and driving.

You run the risk of crashing. The single biggest risk of texting and driving is getting into an accident. Some simple and safe solutions? Store your phone somewhere you won’t be tempted to reach for it. Turn the volume off so you aren’t distracted by incoming texts. If you need to respond to a text or take a call while driving, pull over when it’s safe to do so and respond while the vehicle is parked.
Your reaction time gets worse. Texting and driving impairs your reaction time and makes you slower to respond to stimuli around you. Did you know? Reading or sending a text message takes your eyes off the road for about five seconds. And at a speed of 55 mph, that equates to driving the length of a football field with your eyes shut.
You put others in danger. Fellow motorists, pedestrians, and bikers are all at your mercy when you’re behind the wheel. A wrong move from you could be life-threatening for them. It’s your responsibility to take their safety into account.
You miss signs and turns. The longer you look away from the roads, the more likely you are to miss signage and turns. Don’t add time to your drive.
You break the law. Texting and driving is a direct violation of state and national traffic laws. Keep your hands on the wheel so you don’t get pulled over, ticketed, and fined.
You’re subject to costly repairs. Vehicle damage is an expensive fix. Not to mention, it can be a time-consuming detour. At the very least, avoid the financial burden and time burden by being a no-text driver.
Your insurance can increase. If texting leads to fender benders, property damage, or collisions with another vehicle, your insurance will go up. Don’t pay the price of this risk.
You let your friends and family down. No text is worth your life or someone else’s. Your friends and family will understand why you didn’t respond. In fact, they’ll likely be proud of you for being a safe and considerate driver.

Now that you know the countless risks of texting and driving, vow to be a responsible driver and keep your phone down while you’re en route, at a stoplight, in a drive-thru line, or behind the wheel in any capacity. For even more protection and peace of mind on your drive, get auto insurance that travels with you and covers every twist and turn. Talk to a local, independent agent about our policies today.



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